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Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 Post COVID-19

The COVID 19 pandemic has opened many new business opportunities. How? Most of the daily–use products and services had moved and will be moving online. It’s also a new normal!

What are some of the key digital marketing trends to be followed in 2021 to generate more traffic and revenue? Well, we’ve listed out seven areas where you must invest your time and resources. I’m sure these 7 points will be the best boost up for your businesses.


Google Ads marketers struggle to tweak and adjust campaigns, keywords, and bids to gain an increased count of dollars for their advertising.

The problem here is tweaking costs you a lot, as in countless hours and substantial management fees. Why not shift /adopt Automated Bidding, which allows Google to automate your bid in a short – time. Automated  Bidding had its origin way back in 2016, but improvements in this field mean you can invest your time to optimize other aspects of PPC performance.

2. Video Content

Top-quality content did lie at the top of the priority list of any great digital marketing strategy but, the demand for the content format is  changing now. The blog’s craze (from the early 2000s ) is fading away, and a new wave and trend of the video are seen arriving.

To prove my point, I’d like to draw your attention towards YouTube, TikTok (and the ad they embed within themselves): these platforms stand high compared to content. So, great news awaits for you all marketers, and that’s – to feed the appetite for every form of video content—examples; short-form films, humor-based videos, animated shows, action videos, etc. You’ll have a handful of the audience, provided you can create mesmerizing video content!

3. Mobile Applications

“ 2020 was the time spent on mobile “! There’s nothing wrong if I quote the above sentence. Globally, the time spent over mobile phones is over 1.6 trillion hours. And out of these 1.6 trillion hours, apps usage lies between 24-25℅ with 180 billion hours per month!.

I guess you must think of developing a mobile application for people who prefer online services: food delivery, shopping, learning, entertainment or games, etc. If you’re a retailer, you need to capture this new app’s growth graph. And this trend is going to continue in the coming years. Hence, marketers should practice and improve their application designing strategy and ensure the same value-add channel for the users.

Voice search is currently not a part of Google’s algorithm, though it’s still producing current search results. The problem with this type of search result is that it often yields something other than it would have done if a user had typed a text-based search. For SEO’s, there’s a hidden business opportunity here. Contents must be optimized explicitly for voice notes. SEO’s must develop more direct and accurate sync with user’s search queries. This accuracy will not only boost traffic but also provide satisfaction to the customers.

5. Personalized Ads

People easily get annoyed with Ads popping up without any relevance. What if people start getting Ads according to their personality, preferences, age, and lifestyle? The answer is they’re most likely to react desirably with an increased number of clicks. Therefore, marketers should focus on personalized Ads and attack the target (audience) with highly relevant messages. This is going to be better for the audience and best for marketers!

6. Focus on Employees Engagement

COVID-19 pandemic had left an impact on employees and thus the productivity of a particular business. Many of the employees might be such who’d worked for the 1st tine, and the experience for them might be both pleasing and liberating. But, due to the Work from the home strategy, the thrill must have been worn off. Also, this pandemic must have added to the stress of employees, and this stress is sure to bring down the morale of the employees. As you know, employees’ productivity is directly proportional to the company’s profit, so, you as CEO/Head/Manager must learn to communicate in a better way with your employees and ensure them that even though offices are shut down yet, you all are a team working towards a common goal. Set up multiple communication channels, and even a small success story must be shared with the entire team on each track.

7. Subscription-based everything

You’re a company owner, and it’s your responsibility to provide your customer ‘comfort & security. You should prefer long-term (less) customers over short-term (more) customers. Move on to subscription-based services cause subscribers are a life savior during the pandemic.

Take an example: Gyms were shut down during pandemic, yet, the customers/ members who’d subscribed to your service decided to stay in it online. Others left the services just like this. I hope you can choose now what’s better for you and your economy. Focus on ‘subscription-based service; soon it’s going to be in trend. Mark my words!

8. Brand Storytelling

This marketing trend is one of the most crucial trends that will add success to your ongoing business. This isn’t an entirely new trend, yet improvement in this field will surely pay SEO’s a lot. 33℅ of CMOs have a say that their brand strategy leads their strategic capabilities.

Brand storytelling allows your business’s goals to connect with your customers on a deeper level. The more the authenticity, the more the vulnerability.

Brand storytelling captures your audience’s attention and leaves them with an unforgettable experience with your band. It helps in building real and long-term loyalty and engagement with the community.

9. Agile Marketing

Business does remain at great height today if agility is the strategy. Investing in agile marketing strategies, especially during a pandemic, is exceptionally crucial. Why? Because it’s best to develop a unified view of a company’s customer and leverage social media for personal engagement with your audience.

Few tips to add agile marketing to your business strategy are :

• Integrate productive technologies to anticipate behaviours of your customers (e.g., machine learning & AI)

• Share pre-insights and channel strategies in an efficient manner.

• Develop and deploy new offers slow and steadily.

These 9 key digital marketing trends can help you increase your site’s traffic reach and generate more leads and growing sales. They are all essential to help you understand digital marketing trends and make your feet remain at the top of the digital marketing world.

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