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6 Cool Things You Can Find On Google Analytics

Introduction : 

Google Analytics is the most powerful yet simple web analytics tool for tracking and analyzing web traffic. There are lots of cool things you can easily find on Google Analytics such as the number of visitors, where they come from, how long they have been on your site, what pages they visited etc.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can be used to help you understand your audience and your business better. Here are six of the coolest things you can do with Google Analytics:


1.Create a custom analytics dashboard : 

Google Analytics dashboards are a great way to see the big picture of your website’s performance. Google Analytics enables website owners to measure and track visitors to their websites, from search engines, social networks and other websites that send traffic to their sites.This tool provides detailed statistics on page views, visitors, geographic breakdowns of traffic sources, and much more.


2. Analyse your online campaigns to identify the best performers :

Google Analytics can help you identify the top performing pages on your website by analysing page views, average time spent on the page and bounce rate. This will help you determine what type of content works best for your audience and what kind of advertising works best for them.You can then use this information to improve your campaigns, either by making changes to the copy and images in those particular emails or by adding more of them to your email marketing strategy.


3. Track your sites search terms :

Search term tracking gives you a deeper understanding of what people are looking for on your website and how they interact with your content.It allows you to track the search terms that lead people to your site, and it can provide insight into how well your site is doing in terms of attracting visitors who are looking for what you have to offer.

4. Uncover poor-performing pages

if you spend enough time in Google Analytics, you’ll likely notice that some pages are underperforming. These are usually the ones that have little-to-no traffic and have never been clicked on by anyone. it’s not just about sales — Google Analytics can help you uncover poor-performing pages through the use of event tracking. Event tracking lets you record specific actions that users take while they’re on your site


5. Evaluate website loading speed : 

You can use Google Analytics to find out how much time is taken by your website to load and how many visitors are on it at a given time.The loading speed of a website is a very important factor for ranking in Google. It has released a study that shows that a slower page load time can negatively impact your business.Google Analytics provides a simple way to measure website performance and how fast your page loads.


6. Monitor the interest of visitors :

You can track visitor interest with Google Analytics. This is a service provided by Google, and it’s considered one of the best analytics tools available today.As the interest of visitors is a crucial part of your website’s success If you have an information website, you want to know what content people are looking for so that you can produce more of it and make it easier for them to find.


Conclusion : 

As discussed, there are plenty of things to gain from Analytics and the insights it provides. If you’re using Google Analytics, make sure you’re checking out these six cool things. Doing so can help you optimize your content, establish best practices, and more.

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